Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Full spectrum light bulbs essentially refer to bulbs that produce light that is fairly similar to natural sunlight. Natural sunlight that is seen during the daytime has a rather bluish-white tint to it. On the other hand, a lot of artificial lights are yellowish in color. Full spectrum light bulbs attempt to recreate natural sunlight in an artificial way.

So why is this important and what are the benefits of doing so?

Since they are able to recreate natural sunlight, full spectrum light bulbs are able to help some people that suffer from Season Affective Syndrome, also known as SAD. Natural sunlight has long been used as a treatment for SAD, or the “Winter Blues.” During the wintertime, especially, daylight hours decrease as does sunlight in many parts of the world. This can lead to anxiety, mood swings, and even depression due to a biological reaction that occurs within our bodies.

When the cold winter months feel dreary and gloomy, full spectrum light bulbs can give the illusion of natural sunlight and daytime in a more effective way than other bulbs can. There have even been studies conducted on whether or not energy, behavior, and learning ability can be increased by being subjected to the bulbs.

You can find several different types of bulbs available. You should refer to the light source’s color temperature in order to figure out the color of the light itself. For instance, color temperatures of 5000 Kelvin or more usually emit light that is more similar to the sunlight that is found during the daytime.

You can also refer to the Color Rendering Index (or the CRI) in order to get a good idea of the bulb’s capacity to deliver colors to objects. If you have ever noticed, for example, that some objects appear brighter in different kinds of lighting the CRI is why. Sunlight emits the full spectrum which is the reason that we are able to view rainbows. If you want to recreate natural sunlight, then you should try to locate bulbs that have an index rating of 90 to 100.

Full spectrum light bulbs are probably not the most economical option as far as price goes, but their benefits make them desirable. Some people prefer to purchase the bulbs and use them in traditional lamps, while other people prefer to purchase full spectrum lamps.
Even without the health benefits that full spectrum bulbs are supposed to provide, the natural recreation of sunlight that they produce make them advantageous. Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are inclined to shed a yellowish tint on most surfaces. On the other hand, more natural light bulbs are able to cast a natural looking glow on the objects around you, which are bound to make them look brighter.

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